Ixia to Demonstrate 5G WiFi Test Support at Interop 2012

The migration to 5G WiFi got another boost this morning when Ixia Corporation, a leading provider of converged IP and wireless network test solutions, announced that it will demonstrate test support for fifth-generation Wi-Fi or IEEE 802.11ac at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas, May 5-11.

Ixia’s 802.11ac test solution will be part of  its IxVeriWave Wi-Fi suite of products and will provide a “complete and thorough approach to Wi-Fi device and network validation.”  Ixia’s IxVeriWave solutions test Wi-Fi devices and wireless LAN networks using a client-centric model that precisely measures the real-world behavior of mobile devices, their impact on other devices, and overall network performance.

Ixia has developed a test architecture that provides complete and thorough Wi-Fi device validation. Joe Zeto, Sr. Manager, Market Development at Ixia, said the approach is “critical for organizations seeking to build high performing AC chipsets and access points.”

The three main innovations of this approach include:

  • Integrated RF testing, impairment tools, and traffic generation. Ixia’s solution can test the key RF parameters (e.g. EVM, flatness, and I/Q gain, and phase error), generate full rate 802.11ac traffic, and model environmental RF conditions, saving time and cost.
  • RF measurements in real-time on every packet. Ixia’s solution analyzes every single frame and provides real time measurements.
  • Integrated channel modeling for each client. Ixia is the only solution that enables applying a different RF channel model to each of the 500 emulated clients.

“5G WiFi powered by IEEE 802.11ac, provides new innovations that enable more reliable whole home coverage for consumers to stream digital content between devices faster, while simultaneously connecting more wireless devices,” said Bryan Richter, Director of Hardware Development Engineering, Mobile & Wireless Group at Broadcom. “Innovations in 802.11ac test systems, such as those by Ixia are critical for developing a complete and robust 5G Wi-Fi ecosystem.”

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