5G WiFi and the Road Analogy – Part 3

In the second part of this series, I tried to explain the speed benefits of 5G WiFi using the road analogy. This concluding part focuses on another interesting aspect of 5G WiFi – reliability.

While the increased speeds are great, reliability of the data transfer is equally important. What is the use of pushing video from your mobile phone to the TV quickly if you can’t see continuous and clear video? Further, the key is also to ensure that all areas around the home get reliable coverage. To draw the road analogy one last time, what is the use of a super-fast lane if it has pot-holes and is accident–prone? After all, commuter safety is as important as the traffic capacity!

Beamforming is 5G WiFi’s mechanism to ensure that the data gets pushed reliably across a wider area. In a road, if there are pot-holes, there is an impact on traffic speeds as people get watchful. However, if the traffic is streamlined around these pot-holes and everyone steers clear of them, the flow is smoother, safer and faster. Beamforming does just that for the wireless connection.

Beamforming steers clear of obstacles

Beamforming recognizes elements in the wireless medium that impede the flow of data, and steers clear of them. There is directionality to the flow of data that helps in focused and reliable transmission. Beamforming, coupled with advanced data error correction mechanisms in 5G WiFi, guarantees that the higher speeds do not come at the cost of reliability and coverage.

I have tried to simplify the technology behind 5G WiFi with the traffic analogy. Hope this helps you identify 5G WiFi as one of the next big things in wireless. The standard is designed to serve the growing consumer need for media content exchange and provide whole home video distribution. The consumer benefits not just from the increased speeds, but the greater reliability and coverage. And this dream is all set to become a reality in 2012!

For more on 5G WiFi innovations and benefits, visit www.5gwifi.org

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